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Victim Protective Orders Attorney in Oklahoma City

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If you have experienced the threat of violence or violent and abusive behavior in the home, you need to seek protection through a VPO (Victim Protective Order), also known as a restraining order. VPOs provide protection for you and your family from another party, whether that may be a spouse, roommate, or the other parent of your child. At William R Pierce Attorney at Law, our Oklahoma City family law attorney is an aggressive defender of victims of abuse.

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Obtaining a VPO in Oklahoma

There are three types of protection orders that you can file for in Oklahoma courts. These are a final protection order, an emergency ex parte protection order, and an emergency temporary order. If you have received temporary protection and need further protection, you will need to go to a hearing where both parties share their side of the story in a formal court hearing. We can serve as your representative through every step of the process, including the hearing, to help you obtain the protection you need.

You can file for a VPO against the following parties:

  • Spouse
  • Former spouse
  • Family member
  • Roommate
  • Dating partner
  • Parent of your child

    What a Restraining Order Does

    The purpose of a VPO (or restraining order) is to keep the person who is committing acts of violence or harm against you from contacting you in any way. If you are granted a restraining order, they will no longer be able to contact you in person or contact you by electronic, telephone, or written forms. If you shared a home or children with the person who was abusing you or your family, they won't be able to return to your home or contact your children. At William R Pierce Attorney at Law, our caring Oklahoma City Victim Protective Order lawyer can provide you with the compassionate and dedicated legal counsel you need.

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